Today, woke up

Today wake up seen slander, a face of a woman a cursing and slandering, she had the tongue if a snake. Then I had a dream where I was taking care of children that were not mine, and were taken to a doctor and had this baby taken blood from him with out me knowing,… Continue reading Today, woke up

I woke up with

I woke up with the enemy slandering and cursing , but I went down my bedroom to worship God, and declare his goodness, his processes, his Mighty Power, until the heavens open, and as I worship I saw the heaven open and angels removing a veil , like a heavy cloth, then I be live… Continue reading I woke up with

I had the must wonderful morning

I was watching Joshua Aaron giving a your of the garden tomb in Jerusalem, when I closed my eyes, the Holy Spirit was there with me, and took me to the tumb in that area where Jesus was hurried, and risen. Wow! Our God is amaizing!

Yesterday I saw many rats

I saw many rats on a cage , then a pyton came and started to suffocate them, they kept climbing one on top of the other, but the pyton wad big enough to suffocate them.

The angel

I saw an Angel shaking a person, like saying wake up, you are sleeping, the person was awake but is like it didn’t realised the angel was giving him a wake up call.