I saw a woman

I saw a woman carring her cross, the cross was tied to her body and arms as she walked, she was carring it, and she was wearing a white tunic dress. I was shown by the Holy Spirit, how we the saints will be doing exploits , saints on the shoulders of angels, and Deliver… Continue reading I saw a woman

Today, woke up

Today wake up seen slander, a face of a woman a cursing and slandering, she had the tongue if a snake. Then I had a dream where I was taking care of children that were not mine, and were taken to a doctor and had this baby taken blood from him with out me knowing,… Continue reading Today, woke up

I woke up with

I woke up with the enemy slandering and cursing , but I went down my bedroom to worship God, and declare his goodness, his processes, his Mighty Power, until the heavens open, and as I worship I saw the heaven open and angels removing a veil , like a heavy cloth, then I be live… Continue reading I woke up with