I promise for a young man

I was sitted with a young man and there was another man, He was telling this young man “there is an Angel behind you” and I said I see it, I saw it Yesterday, “He will Rob his wings against you and you will feel it” so this young man felt the wings rubbing against his back, then he put his hand behind him and there were 2 large feathers a white and a black one, and the fear and reverence of the Lord enter this young man, I went to the kitchen there was something whissleing in the kitchen , tea pot sound but it was a pot with food and vegetables, squashes. , when I came back the young man had recibe Jesus and demons started to enter the place, but I bound them and they could no longer hurt this young man. He was totally transform and belonged to Jesus. The man that talk to him look at me and said, we have to contend and step in the gap, we have to bind and rebuke the demons. Then I saw 3 young men going to talk to a man enticing them with alcohol . I woke up.

Father God I thankvyoy Lird for your vision, process and revelation. We bind every demonic spirit, devil, power, might, dominion that wants to claim the life of this young men, in this house, in this city, in this state, in this Nation. , we proclaim this youth belongs to the Lord on High and wish Christ, our children belong to Jesus and the Father God. You said Lord ” the children are off limits “. And we proclaim it with faith, encounters with you I Lord will began to happen in all the houses, and schools of this Nation, the Studen movement for Christ is been release from the heavens and will be a reality in the earth, we release the angels of God to fight on belhalf of the youth in this Nation, specially this young man and his generation. They belong to the living God. We release workers and mighty man of calor that will speak the truth and release the miraculous in the mist of this youth. We tgank you father for our children, yours is the victory Lord Jesus!!

I pray content in the gap for our youth, for the salvation and great harvest in this Nation in Yeshua Hamashiac’s name !