Going into captivity

I was praising and seeking God and I was visited by a principality claiming the territory , I kept pressing on.

Just visited by a principality. , I cast it out. He came down less than an inch from my face, and backed off after a long period of time stering at me . Jesus is victorious, then The Lord gave me a vision, a battle army coming down from heaven, showed me the walls of a castle crumbling down, the enemy enter, , great storm, then the Holy Spirit showed me the Lord Jesus crying, weeping for us ( we are going into captivity ) and I heard ” la otra via dolorosa ” ( when Jesus walked to be crucified all the way to Calgary hill to be crucified is call the via dolorosa, we are going to the other via dolorosa, then I saw the Holy spirit. Then kept hearing ” the Lord is my shepard” over and over, I started to tremble, kept repiting. I shall not fear, I have the Spirit of peace, love and sound mind.
In the morning very early I worked to hear the Lord talking to me and He spoke in Spanish ” a rescatarcel trabajo se mis manos” To rescue the work of my hands “, I saw a desert place and people outside walking , I saw a good of a river coming over them , I saw a hand removed a ring . and Heard ” la palabra de mi salvation ” the word of my salvation” every ” son and daughter, saints and angels bow down before the throne, you are worthy of all, you are worthy of honor and praise, all things are from you, all things are for you, you are worthy, kept hearing that over and over ” todos los hijo he hijas se postran en la presencia del trono de Dios, todo es decir y para ti, tu eres digno de todo, escuché esto una y otra vez. Then I heard “go to the east coast” in English ” ‘ve a la Costa Este” , then I heard wherever I hear a word of intimidation again the Lord said “Go to the east coast” then I was shown a blond woman in my house an she said something that ended on princes ( like mocking me for the way we live ), I believe we are going to be invaded by the enemy or loose the election . To save the people souls . Your will be done ,o Lord, just keep your spirit and angels guiding us, and let us know and feel your presence inside us.