Scuba diving gear and a book

I saw then a big mouth open wide and saw some saints get in, the mouth was pouring water out.

This morning the Lord gave me a scuba diving suit and a book .

I saw a window and Heard “ that means a student movement”, I felt shaking like an earthquake . I was with a woman and her husband, they had a child , He said we have to go to bring information.

We went to a mountain full of bikers, we were running like on the run, that is were we saw 2 kids sitting at a pick nic table, I saw a docen of babies just born that had been killed, I carried a child and heared ” I miss my chance to hear my father voice forever”

I went to where the book was and was taken to the pages into the pages and I heard “look at the mystery inside ” from heaven  a hand giving money. To some and cards to others ” this is what your efforts have generated” , then I saw great darkness all around , then I hear a woman saying ” I want to learn everything” . the Holy Spirit and I are inside a whirlwind but we are going the opposite direccion.  Then I was looking for a tiny part , I gave a man a list and He had a van with parts. “This are not parts or pieces that you have to put in orden “.

I saw we were putting oil in indigenous people’s feet , I heard ” They are meek and humble people , they do not understand what we are doing

I saw a blond, tall, tough woman and Heard ” Magdalena she kept the wings”

I saw an Adobe house , and someone said here we all help , the house plan was a large kitchen dinning living room, separate bedrooms for each person or families.

I heard 3 o 4 pillow cases , I went to the door and notice the Lord’s glory, the door was my house door from inside out and I went through it there I was in a spiritual world full of light and follow an Angel with flowers on her head and a basket with flowers in her hand, I ask what is your name, the Angel look at me and said Anyia , then another angel  signal to turn to my right (his left )

I heard “Speak your destiny calling ” “ what I seek ” then I saw I was given a bag of beans to clean and from there it came to make breakfast for everyone, then I heard a woman talking about her back pain .

I heard singing in hebrew

hatzameah yavona hechafetz yitachna Mayin chaim chinam” the one who thirst, come and drink freely from the living water.” Va ruach veakala orim bo”the spirit of the bride says come. Yomar-na bo, Let say now come.

I heard someone say” oposites attract. They complement each other”

I saw a man that after he had walk with the Lord went back to sin , then I heard the LORD said “ Do not be rebellious , do not complain ” then I saw a Disney version of businesses , each business sold what they had, help each other without competing, or greed, there was enough for all.

I remember I was running and went to a hill, there were bikers everywhere, I sitted where there were children, I was concern for them, they showed me they had in plastic bags just born babies death rap in plastic long tubes like pantihoses fill with them, other baby parts like if they were doll parts. Then I was not there any more but I remember Christians were hidding and Heard the Lord said ” kids are off limits”.

Then There was this little community of people, looked like little Adobe houses , looked like a desert but there were a few flowers outside. , they were not teaching the kids about Christ for fear of being kill ( antichrist mentality ). I went to the court yard and Heard music a country song playing that said the song said ” you can move the mountains you can calm the seas ” was about Jesus and us talking his word comanding the mountains to be move. I turn around and saw a cowboy ridding on a pinto horse, then I heard “give me Jesus, give me Jesus, you can have all this world but give me Jesus “, Then this woman wanted to dance and asked me if I could dance with her , then this man grab my hands and wanted to dance and I am thinking (” not my husband , so occuard” ). Kept trying to give me complements, and sounded like insults, ( I knew in my heart he was trying to be kind and nice ) this lady said you are not supposed to insult people, his name was Donald. Then I said excuse me I think I better go call my husband.

I saw this woman’s trying to teach her own philosophies. Then I Heard “Take it all, take it all, but give me Jesus, give me Jesus ”

Saw satan ( dragon ) putting out fake light was not white or pure on all the Land.

So I prophesy every doctrine that goes against the All Mighty God and Jesus dies right now in Jesus name, we comand that mountain of false philosophies, communism, socialism and humanism, to get out from America and the Nations and we casted it out into the sea. Jesus is victorious, He is king of kings and Lord of Lords , He reigns the Heavens and the Earth, everthing in creation and the world belongs to Him. Hail King Jesus. You reign from Zion, come Jesus come with truth and righteousness. We come against the Spirit of Anti Christ, and and comand you to leave this Nation, you are a defeted foe Satan!, Jesus holds the keys, and He is riding victorious the earth and the Heavens , his kingdom is everlasting, powerful and He shall not be moved. We Relese the spoilers against every agenda and secret confederacy of the enemy, we release the terror of God against his enemies, we ask that the blood of Messiah Yeshua testifies on our behalf and we release the mighty finger of God with army angels to defeat Satan in this Nation .

I saw Mighty Angels of war removing demons, spirits out of the land outside my home. Praise to Jesus