I had some days with many visions

I saw the dragon releasing foul birds sounds to the atmosphere, the Holy spirit silence those sounds or push them backwards. I have seen gigant ants being released.

I saw balls like a weapon with some sort of poison ( fear, forgetfulness, confusion, anger ) I curse that the enemy wants or has released on the world

I was taken to the future where the Lord is back and the snake and the dragon were put inside a rock . Then I was shown hell, were to my surprise had believers and were being punished for their sins, first the first levels had a huge pit, a small ledge sitting or standing and in the wall there were this little like small creatures with knives and thongs to hurt them, but the ledge was very narrow, then I saw a zipper level where a thin woman was crackle to a metal cage , then she puff up like a fat ball then water beguin to fill the pit, and the cage was footing, she was in the outside and crocodiles started to spear and bite her, then on the other side there were other women that look exhausted, fainted in pain and sorrow. As she suffer, she became like the other women . then I saw people that were there because of sexual sin, deeper others were sucking on this brests, then stood and begun to throw up, like a violent gushing, you could see the pain it was causing them and they too became sorrowful , looked wasting away, then as they suffer their flesh was stripe of them by their suffering and their souls were white as snow and were brought up, there was a a pulley, and all this souls came out and up.

There were many more levels, I said this is not biblical, the Lord said is my father’s mercy, then I was reminded when in one of the letter to the churches, the apostol said there was a believer ( Saint ) sinning with his father’s wife , and He said that we are supposed to judge the believers, and He said I have given him to the enemy for the punishment of his flesh so that his soul may be save.

Today I was shown the enemy is stilling the word of God ( sword )and

The 🛡 shield ( the faith of many ) by sounds or mantras and witchcraft in comunion waffers .

I saw yesterday as Dutch Sheets prayed and interceed for our nationas we decree and prayed the LLion of the tribe of Judah started to roar realising mighty sounds from heaven , Angels, saints, Claus of witnesses went on asigment removing darkness, silencing slanderous mouths, broke wheels of the enemy, close the mouth of snakes, angels took a dragon and put him on a island like and push him away on water, deliver some captives. Wow Mighty God.