Warning enemy trying to still our Armor, the child of faith and word of God. And a spell in some comunion waffers the round kind. You have been warned.

I just had a dream , a worm was creating and teaching this mantra a sound with many letters and many Aaa’s sounds then from his stomach this communion waffers appeared, and people were having them. Then I woke up and saw a black figure one saint being drag and his sword was stolen, this black clothes man. Had this saint ‘ s sword, I prayed against him and other saints came to help him up, The waffers ( comunion waffers ) have a spell that causes the Saints to forget the word of God. I also had a bit of a vision where there were a pile of hundreds of shields cover with black ( a spell, or smitten by enemy fire ) the enemy has an assigment to steal the shields of the Saints, ( faith ) and de (word ). I am sounding the alarm, do not use or buy the waffers that are round but rather make your own flat bread or buy Matzo to have your communion. Lord we thank you for you Holy Spirit, we come against the enemy armies with a doble portion of faith, with word of the Spirit and the full armor of God, Lord release your Mighty arm with thunder and lightning, whirlwind, and coals of fire, angels and charriots, angels, riders and horses, with Holy Spirit Dunamis power to undo the wicked plans of the enemy, we are anointed by your spirit , sons of Abraham, battle axes, and you are a consuming fire that are are proteccion, we resist evil with good, with truth, with works of the cross, and we won’t stop until our enemy is utterly destroy, release your angels to fight our battles in Jesus name .
we have to study the word of God.