Vision on Atonment day and the Return broadcast

on the return as we repented, the Holy Spirit showed me a very large Angel coming down with a sword of fire and put it on the ground on The place where you guys were worshiping and repenting in DC , then I saw the face of the Lord shining from above.I my self the next day had an encounter with the Lord as I repented and He brought me to his courts and sprinkle me with the blood of the lamb, it was so real I felt the blood on my face and anointed me. I had fallen from his presence, and couldn’t find my way back, but He in his Mercy atone me, and told me I have separate you for some time I am helping you. He is cleansing my heart that had become some how harder, and is working in me. Today He took me to the courts to repent I believed it was for me, but it was for many of the Saints that had become dark, he cleanse them and shown his light from his Hand and then remove the darkness they had, and cords around them and put them in a river completely sumerge in the water. I saw him and the Holy Spirit with a white ship that was send back to the earth to shine bright. Just wanted to let you know what the Lord did in the return, now we need to press on, keep praying, repenting and working with Holy Spirit. angels and Saints to accomplish his kingdom purposes for our Nation.