I saw Angels dancing

I saw Angels dancing, then some whirlwind in the ground, they look dark, but inside I saw the shekina Glory of God coming down, like the enemy wanted to capture the blessing of God for his children.

We come against it, we are the children of the most High, we are the Seed of Abraham the head and no the tail, send your whirlwind God and utterly destroy the plans, and whirlwind of the enemy. What God has bless, no one can curse.

Then later I saw a large group of dark shadow men arriving to neiborhoods.

We lift a standard in Yeshyas Mighty Name, Holy Spirit Dunamis power standard against the enemy, the gates of he’ll will not prevail against us. greater is He who lives in me, that the one who lives in the world.

Yeshua, Ava Adonai Tzavot ( Jesus and Father Lord of Hosts ) you swing the heavens and the rarth forever.