Adjusting my attitude

Had a crazy night ! Fighting a bladder infeccion, been tired, but I had a dream where This person saw the Holy Spirit or maybe Jesus, a dilute the full of light, and thought I better bow down, and lay down at his feet. Then I saw myself like explaining why this, person was doing and interpreting, O saw a door open and saw the Lord Jesus and close the door partially, I kept saying wait wait don’t close the door, then The Lord brought the father and the father got mad and close the door, as it was moving forward I saw the Lord Jesus interceeding on our behalf, the door close, I woke up, surraunded by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and started to feel convicted, remember be silent in the presence of the Lord. Like an eye opener about my attitude, what comes out of my, mouth has to be 100 %truth , no excuses, no explanations, no interpreting. Then I dream of enemy attacks like helicopters shutting bullets at a man . woke up with a vision of dark spirits on the air.

Need to repent and seek the Lord. God bless you. God is good when He show us our attitudes is to correct us so we do not go away from the path.

God bless you.