Feast of trumpets

2 days ago I was taken by the Holy Spirit to a water river and sumerge in it ( cleansing ritual ) thus are the days of repentance before the judgment and wedding with the Lord. ( feast of Trumpets )  then I saw all those in white join a group of angels then this huge roll of paper pass and roll over all, like we were written in a scroll, being part of the scroll, then the scroll became the front wheels of a charriot, lots of angelic movement.
I also saw Angels removing some dragons on the American air put them in whirlwinds.
Then later I hear in spanish ” the devil is here ” and had this feeling was talking about the rising of antichrist .

Praise the Lord Jesus reings He will come soon, we just have to endure until his coming or pour out as an offering for our God, whatever God decides be for his glory.

Then the next day I wad shown a woman sitted on a beast and a devil face, very close together, as I prayed I saw a huge Angel got between them and pushed them apart.

I saw the Lord ridding with many saints and angels in white horses across the clouds.

This day very early saw Angels coming down from heaven.