I was in unbelief when

I was in unbelief when I was volunteering in a church, and one of the members started to talk about abortion being fine, I spoke to him about it and the word of God, that God had told me is an abomination We are killing His children, he started to swear , I spoke the truth on the bible and This woman in charge of that food Bank, came at me saying I was attacking her people, she didn’t know me, pretty much I was persona non grata for speaking the truth in a church ! Wake up, God is judging this nation and the church and every church that does not speak the Uncompromising truth of God Is an apostate church. Repent teach the truth, God does not agree with any kind of abortion, is a sin, is murder, is an altar to Moleck.

I will speak the truth , God is love, life and truth, and Holiness and righteousness. And we need to live in righteousness .