Bombs of terror

I have seen ( Holt Spirit revelation the enemy have bombs of terror, people are targeted and they experience their worst nightmares ) . is been happening to me, at night I even feel this shaking and fear in my spine. I wake up and worship. If you are experiencing terror dreams, thoughts or physically tremble in fear. Is demonic is a lie. Confess God did not gave me a Spirit of fear , but a Spirit of Power , love and a saund mind. God is Good always, He has given his Angels charge over me, and praise God.

The Lord says, resist the devil and He will flee. Jesus is King, and He shall not be moved.

I am the Blessed of God, what God blesses no one can curse. ,and praise the King of our salvation, you will find delivarence, Jesus send Angels with arrows of delivarence. Sing over us songs of delivarence.,