The enemy will try to remove the cross

The enemy will drug to remove the cross.

And I got up to pray, and the Lord said ” praise the Lord “.

Then the Lord showed me people praising but there was a metal bar hold by metal gauntlets of the enemy.

We are not raising our hands and taking authority over the enemy.

Then he showed me enemy warriors at the door gate and the head of a big snake coming in.

Then I saw in another place the some of the deepest darkness retrieving as I prayed.

I saw a foot and in the foot a small angel going forth pushing darkness where he went, and other angels being released to help.

Praises to our God, He never leave us , never forsake us.

Lift up the ✝ cross o Lird, establish its teachings again, the repentance and coming to the cross where Jesus died for our sins, where we can bow down repent and be cleanse, and heal and restore. Thank you Lord for your cross.

I pray that the pastors come back to preach the Cross like Billy Graham did. To lift your name on high.

Holy Spirit come , and help us we need an awakening, repentance and the fear if the Lord to worship him in spirit and truth, in the beauty of his holiness.

I see mikes of papers , one large roll of a scroll, a hand grabingvthem and a small Lord Jesus dress on white with a prayer shawl on his head, walking on them.