I saw a mallet hit a wall ( like a judge giving a verdict )

All Night there is being warefare, I  am so tired, got up 3 times through the night, kept seeing mouths speaking, then Angels closed their mouths.

Saw bars of a gate above being removed and a man in a white horse put in by a dark hand .

I saw big Hornets getting on house roofs.

I saw army soldiers outside my house policing.

I saw people ready to leave their homes in their car, on the driveway, and being stop by supernatural blockage.

I saw a white horse with a rider,  riding against darkness.

Kept hearing the psalm 23 in my head in hebrew.

I also hear days being made longer or life span being made longer “le orech yamim”.

I saw a man riding a donkey that had a strip face a bit like a zebra.

I saw worms too like caterpillars.

I saw a person with darker clothes , like the dark was being removed, as she waited on line, there was someone else trying to get in line coming up through a ladder , through a hole in the ground, she was being cleanse or deliver.

I saw the Lord riding on the sky, more like a race against darkness.

I proclame King Jesus is Victorious!

I saw a jar of liquid being pour out toward the earth.

I heard 2 women talking, one telling the other you are too skinny to be dieting.

All night Psalm 23 played on my head , the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, He leads me to lay down in green pastures, He leads me to still waters, He lead me into paths of righteousness and restores my soul, for his name sake.

Even when I walk to the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for He is with me, his road and his staff will confort me. He prepares a table in the presence of my enemies, He anoints my head with oil, and my cup runs over, surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

I saw a man in a charriot as a King with angelic being around him,the wheels of his charriot became caterpillars ( tank caterpillars ) a few people followed him .

Then I was shown a castle, ( kingdom) people got closed to ask for food

Then I saw a King seeing a child sleep, but there was a shadow behind him, a spirit of lost or harlotry.

I saw Angels guiding a cart, some people following them.

I saw a couple closing their business and heard ” only God honey, honey, honey”

Then I heard “parties does not exist anymore, it does not makes sense “

I saw a very tall horse and a rider on it.

Hen I saw someone on a boat , the bride and groom on the boat kissing. They went to the Rock /Cliff

I see the Holy Spirit fall down like waves over people .

Saw a little oriental boy running and his dad looking surprised why was he running, they lived in the skirts of a mountain, I heard Yesu, Yesu.

Then I saw a woman walking fast , turning the block going into a building , running up stairs to get in, all the streets and place looked empty. Then I saw 2 tall building , in the middle. Between the buildings I saw a very large Angel or man like figure in white robs a witness perhaps, when he spoke angels were relese .

A saw a mosquito shooting bullets that glowed out of its mouth , then it turn into a different bug.

Woman trying to sell her jewels and the daughter trying to get part of the money. I heard ” they are telling us what to do ” ” I believed it was a business transaccion ” I saw a rowing boat . I heard ” feel so sorry for my daughter, feel so sorry for my brother “

I saw an old lady entering a room . then I heard ” I do not have any of the pieces that give light”.

I saw a woman and a man entering an appartment building.

I saw a dragon spit out a man and released it into the atmosphere, the man was sitted on a throne, and appears to have white robes

I saw a woman crying and heard ” do you need anything”

I saw a large number of angels coming down and meeting some people.

A woman in the city talking. I heard ” I don’t know anything about her, she left ” ” we just wanted to give her a room “

I saw an older peasant woman working the fields ( indigenous)

I saw a hand with a person in its palm, the person had a bandage over his eyes and 2 angels around him.

I saw a building, and all of a sudden the base of the building was cover with gravel. , I saw another large tower, and it came down just the beguining of the pilar remained.

And in the sky 3 very large Angels.

saw an hispanic police woman closing a door and heard a man saying ” I don’t understand”.

I heard two man talking one said I can not talk about that, the other answer “even if you use the same words , the Holy Spirit will reveal,the hidden things”

I saw people in great darkness,

I saw a pizza place where the cook was blaming someone else for burning the food

The Holy Spirit delivered several people from demonic spirits including a spirit of death.

I saw a modern building and a large Angel sitting on the bridge of a huge water body.

I hear people talking about the fish they cooked, and laughter

I saw 2 demons throwing balls I started to feel fear.

I declare Jesus didn’t gave me a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and sound mine, no weapon forge against me will prosper, and every tongue that raises against me I condemn.

I saw a king full of light but there was a spirit of darkness behind him and cause the King to darken.

I saw the Rock/cliff and I went in with the Holy Spirit, the Lord showed me His Angels have care of me, I saw a wonan in God’s hand being deliver of any darkness, and He was shining light on her.

God is moving, worship the King, do good, and keep partnering with Holy Spirit in prayer and delivarence, in healing, we were send to cast out devils,  heal the sick, raise the death and clean the one with leprosy.