Intercesión, worship and prayer

Good morning, we need to stand in the gap, ask the Holy Spirit to come down and help us rebuild the walls and gates of our life, family, land , territory, cities, Nation. The Enemy will not enter our gates, we Relese battering rams against the gates of hell, Holy Spirit come and rebuild the Watergate, the fountaingate,the fish gate, the utter gate, the upper gate, the horse gate, the prison gate, the sheep gate, inner court gate, the put her court gate, the dung gate , the North gate, east gate, the West gate, the South gate, let them be repair by your Holy Spirit mighty power, let your fire and smoke cloud be our proteccion, let your Glory be our proteccion, we ask for forgiveness, and we repent o God that we have aloud evil in our lives, families, schools, govermental places, court houses, I God All Mighty, Holy One, we plead for your mercy, forgive our sins , iniquity and transgrations, let Your spirit come. Help us rebuild our walks by praising and giving thanks to you o Lord, let our lips declare your truth, your justice, your acts of loving kindness, your amazing works o Lord, let us come to the cross in humility bow down to you to you o God, as we seek you, let us find you, Lord you said if we ask we shall recibe, we ask for your shalom, for your living water to wash us clean, for your blood to wash us and purify us, come back o Lord, we need your hedge of proteccion, Lord Jesus, thank you for exposing the plans of the enemy, we bind with shackles and fetters of iron our enemies, every foul spirit, strong hold, demon, power, might , dominion , principality and spirits that exalt themselves in high places, we ask you Lord let your Blood wash us clean in Littleton, Boulder, Arvada, and every city in Colorado, let your precios blood testify. In the courts of heaven on our belhalf, let your all consuming fire and Holy Spirit burn all idols be broken, let all altars be broken and burn by your Holy fire, let all contracts, legal rights the enemy has against us in our city Nation, state, families, land and lives. Jesus be glorified, Lord you said, not by bread but by every word that comes from the mouth of God, remember, we are your children, you bless us from the beguining of time, you want not sacrifices but praise, tanksgivings and acts of loving kindness. O Lord have Mercy, anoint us afresh again, break the bars of iron, let the captives free, let captivity captive, restore o Lord, deliver us, don let us have a bag full of holes, don’t let our children , the inheritance you have given us perish, you alone are God and there is no other, you are our strong tower, a sure foundation, Jesus, be glorified, Ava Father be Glorified, Holy Spirit be Glorified. , please o God cleanse our land from every evil spirits, we repent, stand in the gap, and confess you are Victorious, you are king, over our lives, cities and Nation, we give you our children, put them in the altar, we offer our selves as living sacrifices to you o Lord, have mercy, come back, do not remove your presence and your hedge from us. Our trust is in you, O Lord, Yeshua you are King over the earth and all that pertains in it, let your Glory be a hedge of proteccion on our backs, on our homes, on our espouses and children, on our cars, let us be shield by your spirit and angels wherever we are in Jesus name. Amen
I suggest that you get food and water, ( Store for the coming season, God want us to have and share he said up to 8 people I believe it said in the word share with seven , even eight . All praises to the King , you are a strong hold the Rock cliff of our salvation, a sure foundation. No name higher than your name. Jesus.