Destruccion, betrayal from with in ,keep your eyes upon the Lord He is a great foundation

I woke up from a terrifying dream where I see this place with this broken bridges and no walls ,very tight, and bellow nothing but a huge drop. I saw a little baby crawling and falling down in this broken bridge, I fell so much anguish if the baby roll over would fall a cliff. Then I woke and open my Bible the Lord gave me isaiah 1 and 2 until,Use a 7 then I dose off in a dream showed me the buildings in Littleton were coming down, then a vision I saw an Angel leaving and letting a huge snake come in.
Then In a dream I could not go back to my house and saw people going up, I left my car to use the restroom, and there I met this woman, there were not walls, just stairs up so we went up until we reach the top, it had a restaurant, 90 USD for a slice of prime rib, a tiny amount of greens, and we left thinking, we could do that a at home for cheaper, we open the door, this rich woman walk in , she didn’t now how to react when we held the door for her, we said, it seems we have forgotten how to have simple manners and kindness, then I hear 1,800 ( like the prices were rising ) or inflation. Then The Lord showed me to take a different car, but this woman would not get in it ( yes we would be stealing it, but I was thinking the Lord is telling us to get on it and leave, she kept going away and I was trying to convince her to get in, we had to leave the city, I saw this hill falling like it became a mountain that wad being uprooted.
I woke up to see in the spirit, a strong fortress made of rock, in the base there was someone from inside shining a light letting the enemy a very dark shadow come in. and when he did, started to break all the defense walls, with its hands., the Lord just gave me a song I will keep my eyes upon the Lord He is a great foundation.

Time to worship the King He is coming back and shaking every thing.