I saw a few days ago a person in a lab touching a metal can or tube

I saw a person touching a metal can or tube , later the Holy Spirit showed me a black claw hand holding a canister and the Lord as I prayed with a friend send his Angels and with light from the eye of the Lird and his Angels bind that arm and weapon and neutralized it with light.

I had a dream that there was a woman working in a lab, she went out at night scored by 2 other coworkers in that lab, she stop in a store the coworkers waited outside, she met 2 men inside, one of them said he was French but had change nationality, he convince this woman of acording her home, when he, his friend and the woman came out of the store the 2 coworkers gave chase to them. Then I woke up.

I thank you father that you reveal the secret things in the Spirit and in the world, thank you for your Holy Spirit and your Mighty hand, your angels and saints who partner with you, to stop evil in its tracks. Thank you God, thatctherw is no one liked you, in light, power, glory, wisdom or splendor, through Christ and your spirit nothing is impossible.

Thank you Lord that you are sitted in the throne and you shall not be moved.