Baal altars destroy and Jerusalem darkness leaves

Amen, Today the Lord on His word gave me Judges 7:6 I think where He tells Gideon That He is a Mighty man of valor, to tear down the altar of Baal and cut the pole of Ashera, and with 300 man sounded the shoffar and the enemy flee, they perused zeva , zalmuna, oren and zib ( don’t think I am spelling right ) and cut the heads of the princes . I decree and declare with all faith we sound the shofars, for God is with us, we persue and  overtake the demon princes, and as one with God, through him to the pulling down of strong holds , we destroy the altar of Ball in Colorado, in our cities , families, and our Nation. In Jesus name, and with the sword of the spirit cut the heads of the Demonic princes. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, by his Spirit.
Then as I was listening to a song of a lady name Elihana I saw darkness coming out of Jerusalem gates, and saw the Lord Jesus back full if stripes, his flesh open, I proclame by the stripes of Jesus Jerushalem has been heal, darkness comes out and the light of the Lord and his salvation is near for Jerusalem, and the world.

there has been a cloud of darkness between the eye of God and his people, I cast in Yeshua’s name all darkness and comand it to move, Praise be to He who sits in the throne and to the Lamb , Then I saw heavens open and light coming down , and a book open and a very large Angel or man on white robs coming down from heaven .

Thank you beloved Lord Jesus. Your kingdom come, your righteousness pour out as rain, so the earth open and salvation and righteousnes Sprint Cup from the ground. Amen