Riots, violence, fire and captivity

saw the white house and another important building in the Nation ( don’t know which one, or where it is ), saw riots, fire and people angry. After praying and worshiping, I went to sleep to have a dream of of a woman working on a lab being accompanied at night by 2 friends o coworkers, she enter a store and met a 2 foreigners one said he was French, but not any more, He didn’t have a French accent, the 2 man told her let us walk you home, she said yes, as soon as they came out of the store, the other 2 shorts beguin persecuting them. Just a dreadful feeling, not knowing who was good and who was evil. Worked up, to see in a vision, from above  nets being  thrown over me and everyone else, taken in captivity and seeing chains and wheels turning. I beguin to pray, my husband woke up, we wanted to go back to sleep, I sleep an hour or less and walk up with a sense of urgency. Then I saw again this 2 gifant heads of women with viperous tongues (her tongue where a  snake)

I have a sense of urgency, and started to hear ” Teach me your ways o Lord and lead me in a straight path. Because of my enemies ( psalm 27:11)

Horeni Adonai darkecha, Ooncheny be-orach mishor . le ma an shorerai. ( hebrew ) part of psalm 27 :11, that song on my head

Adonai Ori , the Lord is my light.

Kave El Adonai chazah chazah. Wait in the Lord and be strong , strong