The Holy Spirit showed me deep darkness coming…

An angel carring a man in his arms.

Then I saw a building and a man and a man and his children outside in the grass around , beautiful

I was shown a tiny appartment, so bare and poor, extreme poverty.

Then I saw the openings to heaven were closing, the enemy at the door, with a big army.

Then one opening remain and I was shown a scale and 3 places ( awards ) 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Only them were getting the outpouring of glory, the rest didn’t.

Then deep darkness cover the land, it was about 6 hours to see this little bit, but the Lord gave me psalm 27.

The Lord is the light and salvation , to whom shall I be afraid? The Lord is my strong tower of life to whom shal I be terrified ?,

Trust in the Lord , let your heart be streinghten, no fear, wait in the Lord and be courageous. No fear. The Lord is your light.

Praise him !