Unashamedly stand for life ( unborn ) , for Israel , for Christ and for president Trump

This may seem like a bold statement, and it is the word of God to protect life of the innocent, pray for Israel, he would bless those who bless his chosen people ( Israel ), and Christians of all denominations, for we are the wild olive added to the olive branch to make a new man, hebrew and gentil. , also Presidend Donal J. Trump, protects the life of the unborn, is in favor of Israel, and is in favor of protecting Christianity. For that reason, that he is obeying the word of God better than many believers, plus the Lord says ” Do not touch my anointed, do not harm my prophets “. We are in the vally of decision, our we choose unwisely we will be curse. Choose life or choose death says the Lord. He had shown me light in the white house, and darkness outside of it.

He had told me killing his unborn children has to stop!, He is the God All Mighty, He is the God of vengeance, He will repay.

Choose wisely this coming elections, that we stand in God’s will and not against him .