I hear the Lord said

I hear the Lord said ” So Humans do not like to hear the truth “

The Holy Spirit is been saying, Hope, faith and acts of charity ( love). Jesus is the Salvation if the Nations.

I have been shown faith without works is death,

Trust in God, repent, speak the truth of God’s word, not what you would like, do not slander people, be grateful, and trust the Lord. God bless you .

Persecuson is coming, I saw a few months ago bibles been burn and some rioters trying to put the Cruz down, but Christians raise it up, they try again, we have to get bold and laud, we will not tolerate atacks on our faith. Jesus is the truth, the life and the way., the Lord said to me, I was going to have his light shining on me, when covid happens I stay home, and got darken, God call us to speak his gospel, He is coming back Soon, very soon, the rise of antichrist is at the corner, No time like this to seek him, repent , change our ways. If we are not bearing fruit we will be the one in the firery pit. Wake up America. I just saw the news that in Oregon a mob try to take down the cross in a Christian church, but the people of the church stood up and they left. Stand up for Christ with no fear, Jesus has overcome the world.