Spirit of sloth


I saw an Angel trying to wake people up, shaking us !

Awake, wake up ! In Jesus name I Lord we repent for our passivity, slowness, tiredness, slumber, and head hazyiness . Lord wash us with your water, let the Blood of Jesus wash us clean and deliver us, in Jesus name we cast any Spirit of slumber, laziness, slithfulness, out of our body, mind, Spirit and soul. We proclame, we are wonderfully and fearfully made, daughters and sons of the Living God. Through you father we break l any stronghold the enemy has put in our lives, in Jesus name., Lord let the Holy spirit buen any legal right the enemy has against us, forgive our disobedience, and sin, Lord and break every covenant with the enemy. God please deliver us, wake us up, out the fear of God in us, that we can do whatcyouvcall us to do. Please render a veredictvin our dmfavor, set us free. In Jesus name