Tish B’av a day of mourning and fasting… Starting last night at Sun down

I saw tears, and tears falling from the eyes of the Lord and many other people.

In Tish B’av many desastres have happend through the Hebrew ( chosen people of God ) like the destruccion of the temple, and having God’s presence leave Israel , we are experiencing the same things in America, I saw since last year. Warning after warning of God, and now we need to repent sincerely, for not doing God’s work, God’s will, for keeping silence. Judgement is coming and that does not mean that God won’t move through some of his children but we are going to go through tremendous sorrows and hardship if we don’t change, repent and realized we are responsible for our actions and lack of them.

Cry like Rachel cried for her children , so that God move for her actions brought restauration.

We need God more than ever. Be bold speak the truth, only God restores the soul, the bodies, our hearts and minds, even the land.

All lives matter, not just black lives, or white lives, or brown lives, or whatever other color of people there are. We should be One Nation United Under God, All Lives Matter, United we stand , with God All is Possible.

On a prayer Meeting the Lord gave us a scroll is Isaiah 45 .

Cry Out for divine justice, for truth, righteousness, freedom ( not of speech, we talk too much ) for freedom of religion believes, freedom from slavery. May our hearts and hands be clean when we come face to face with the Living God. May He have mercy on us, and come back to our Nation and the world. , repent, change and stand in the gap for All Americans, for

Israel, for the Unborn, for all that is good in God’s eye, for our children and gran children. And cry Out Mercy o God, restore and come back.