I was shown dear and stags running on the heavens

I was shown dear and stags running on the heavens,

I saw a net falling, but the dear and stags run and disperse.

Then I saw an octopus like tentacle trying to breach a wall and gate.

Many dear in a medow. And a large snake trying to wrap itself around them.

We come against any attack of the enemy, In Yeshua’s name we trample over snakes and scorpions and over all of the power of the enemy. Nothing what so ever shall harm us, The gates of hell will not prevail against us.

I saw a snake trying to come over a wall.

The Lord rebukes you Satan, get behind me, for is written, Jesus is victorios, He is sitted on the thron on Mount Zion, and He shal not be moved.

Holy Spirit come down with mighty weapons and atack our adversaries, beat them small like potter vessels, and make them like the mire of the street, and sweep them with your broom of destruction.

Then I saw so this bright Angel or someone stepping in a gap.

I call for the Holy Spirit to repair our walls and Gates, to push back the enemy and the darkness, make our gates of carbuncles, I call on every watcher on the wall, pastors, intercesors, prophets , apostols, bishops, cloud of witnesses, I Lord you that contend against our enemies, send your army angels to protect our Nation, to protect Israel, America, and every Nation from the enemy. Let the Blood of Jesus wash us clean, and testify in our belhalf, so you can render a verdict on our salvation and delivarence, I repent o my God on belief of the church , the ecclesia, the people in the Nation, for our families and for my self, I repent o Lord , for coming against you and broken our covenant, for desobeying your word. Forgive us o God, Look toward the mercy sit, and have compassion on us, and defend us, for only you o God, is powerful enough to destroy our enemies, remember your covenant, o Lord and come to our rescue. Remember your covenant with our forefathers, with David, with us who seek your face. You said Lets contend with your enemies together, I will contend with your enemies, and destroy them for vengeance is yours, you shall repay, for your own sake’s. Defend us o God. Bless be your Holy Name.

I saw a watcher in the wall walking and from the other side of the wall this dragon put it’ s head behind the watcher.

I plead the blood of Jesus on every watcher on the walls, on your ecclesia, on the walls and gates I plead your previous blood, Lord, for the sake of the generations to come. mercy , Adonai, El Rachoom, vehanoom, slow to anger, Hesed ( Lord, God, compasionet, merciful, slow to anger ) you are also keeper of your covenant for a 1000 generations, on those who truly love you and seek your face. Please I God, removed the enemy from our gates, and walls.

We proclame your shalom ( peace, wholeness, completion, fullness of blessing , no lack, no anarqui ). O Lord, your perfect will to be done now in our lives, your kingdom come now, in righteousness, holiness, in mercy, in humbleness, in goodness, for you God are Holy, and righteous, and just, you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Mighty One of Jacob, The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom should O fear?, the Lord is a strong tower of life, whom shall I be terrified off? My God nor sleeps nor slumber, the protector of Israel, the All Mighty, Lord of Armies of Angels Hosts. All honor, power, glory be you forever more. Let us dwell in your secret place, you are our refuge and our fortress in the day of distress. Our trust is on you o God of our salvation. , surely you deliver us from, the Fowler, from the destructive pestilence. Thousands with fall by our hand and ten thousand by our right hand, and they will not come near us, only with our eyes we will see the reward of the wicked. Restore O Lord, have Mercy on our Nation.

Then I saw the Lord Jesus riding on a white horse, coming down. Praise the Lord, then the Lord Jesus came down from the horse and move the enemy backwards. , as He walk forward.

Then the Lord and his armies left

And the enemy came, I saw him with his dark horses, I saw dragons flying above our homes, 12 feet from the ground.

I saw my husband was working on the garden fixin a fence, I saw the dragons flying a few feet above him.

Then the Holy spirit made everything look less realistic, and I saw hooks driving down fences, all over.

Saw a hand that had a person on it , put that person into a charriot that had cages.

I saw a very tall like man on the Spirit with a sword and a charriot with horses and riders flying behind him. , then I saw this huge man ( witness or prophet ) an Angel came out of his foot carring someone in his arms. Now I see two more small people came out closing the mouth of a snake.