I saw the symbol of communism

I saw the symbol of communism , so I urge every one to pray for our Nation to become the Nation of our Lord and His Christ.

For proteccion for the Holy Spirit to rebuild our walls and Gates

That the perfect will of God for the Nation of America, his righteousness, goodnes, humility, mercy, loving kindness, unity, and live be establish on this Nation and every house hold, every individual, every mountain of influence, in every high place, every valley, every desert place , that the kingdom of God, his presence, his glory, his Spirit fill every household, every mind, heart, soul and spirit in this Nation. I pray for the salvation of every man, woman , child, in this Nation from the unborn to the oldest , from North to South, from East to West, every 50 States of America become one Nation under God, in righteousnes, holiness, meeknes, under his authority, and guidance in Jesus Mighty Name.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your fire wall of proteccion, over our Nation, our president, and vice president, every house hold, over the homeless, over the broken, over the poor , over the rich, over every race and man and women in this Nation.

I come and repent for my Sons, for the sins of every person in the Nation, I ask your forgiveness I Lord, I intercede on their behalf, please Lord by your Mercy Sit, wash us with your word, with your living water, with the Blood of Jesus, that every son be booted out, that every altar , every idol, and pact with the enemy, be utterly destroy by the Holy fire of the Holy Spirit. Every root of discord, anarky, hatred, slander, be removed from the land, from our hearts, minds and souls, so you can give a verdict of salvation for the people and Nation, I ask o Lord for a hedge of proteccion and a restraining order against Principalities, powers, Mights, Dominions and spirits that ensalt themselves against you. That the people of this Nation be set free from the impression, and lies of the enemy, that every scale, Vail and chain be destroy from the American people, in Jesus Name. We thank you father for you are powerful, mighty, a consuming fire, eternal and sovereign God, merciful, slow to anger, and always forgive when we repent sincerely.