The Lord showed me this is what the enemy wants to eventually go to the store and they won’t take money

I had a glimpse of a dream where I went to the store to buy eggs, and they would not take money, they gave me a book to write what was bought and when.

I immediately woke up.

Lord I pray Mighty God against this, for greater are you who rules the heavens and the earth. ewe release Holy Spirit bombs, to destroy asunder the power of the enemy, confusion on the enemy camp , I pray o Lord that your Dunamis power of the Holy Spirit burst agains our enemies, the enemy of the Lord, for your kingdom to come, we are set free from the influence of the enemy, chains be broken, we are victorious, we take United States of America back for the Glory of the Jehova Tzavot and his Christ, we decree and declare the salvation of our children, in this Nation, the Blood of Jesus covet our sins, washes us clean, and brings salvation , and a fruitful harvest in this land, our sons and daughters will, have endurance, strong faith, guidence from the Holy Spirit to do your will, they will walk in humility, Dunamis power, and authority of Jesus Christ , they will walk in the fullness of the power of the wheels of fire of the El Shaddai. In Jesus name.

America will live, we come against all oposition in the Spirit, in the name of Jesus, and release confusion and shame on the enemy camp, on the enemies confederacies, death to death, and full,es of the power of the Holy Spirit will fall on the ecclesia onece more.

Thank you God for the pulling down if step,y holds. We decree, salvation, victory, shalom and blessings over America, one Nation under God, forever to serve the Living God.