Great darkness!

So difficult to see such a darkness, but the Lord said to arise and shine our light. I feel a bit descorage sometimes, but we need to teach out to the people we find in the way, pray for them, our Goverment. They all need God’s guidance. I pray heavenly father this morning for your perfect will to be done in each of the American people, that we surrender to you and your wisdom that comes from above, that in you we can be heal and restore and become the United States, One Nation Under God, once more. And your Angels to keep our borders from the enemy, fro. Sickness, from corruption, fro, I,justice, from heatred, that we come together in love, mercy, goodness, righteousness, in You, I God. ! I thank you father, for all that you have done. And all the new things you will do. Blessed be your name forever.