I saw a big toe

When God shoes you your toe He is talking about your walk with him, I saw a crack on my toe and a hand squizing it, this black light was coming out, another day he showed me the toe healed up and only a line of dark in the nail and a little angel pression on it and removing what was hindering my walk.

He also gave me Isaiah 58:6 ,it talks about that the fast He chooses is not stop eating, He wants that we share our food with the needy, and cover the homless. Then our light will shine forth and our darkness will be like the noon day , He will answer our prayers and His Glory will cover our backs.

To the levites ( His Holy Consecrated Priest ) They were to wash and anoint their right toe, right thumb and right ear, that many consacration to hear God’s voice, doing and focousing in his ordinances and commandments by obeying and being doers of his word.