Repent, praise and seek God’s presence.

Who can come to the hill of the Lord?

The one with clean hands and a pure heart.

The Lord is calling for a holly assembly.

Inflating, mourning, cry,g out for divine intervention and justice , but not men justice, but God’s justice and righteousness. Repent! So that He our maker come back and deliver us from destruction.

I know to many it make seems like crazy. But is truth, the enemy is at the door. Pray for this Nation be align with his perfect will in peace, godliness, righteousness and truth.

Pray for delivarence of any kind if spiritual atack, sickness, anger, heatred, confusion. , may very one open there eyes, minds and hearts to God’s ways, truth and goodness.

May the blood of Jesus cleans us, and testify on our belhalf.

So we can be deliver and God’s harvest increase on our Nation, that no one be left behind. Give us o Lord a righteous spirit and a clean and mecible heart. In Jesus name

May our borders be repair by your Holy Spirit, and may we abide in the secret place of the most High.

That every crooked person in power position, be change or removed, alingn every person in power to your perfect will, in every mountain of Influence. May your perfect will be done in our Nation, states, cities and every person. Delivarence, salvation, righteousne bumblebees and truth be establish in our lives and Nation. Amen