July 13/2020 A dream of what is coming

I had a vision of wheat being sifted.

Then this morning I had a dream where I was in this living place like can elders people homes, they had soon as with Windows and could be closed , but were open.

I went out the back door and a man startle me, he had a uniform with a white band on his arm and a symble in red, I said sorry didn’t realized you were an officer, I hear behind me voices and realise around the corner other officers were coming, carring people belonguins more like taking away.

Then when I reach the front I heard asking a woman for her papers, was she illegal. I enter and the woman in charge was saying we got news that the levels of ( a word I can’t remember ) were too high, so she push an alarm or siren and this cause the doors where Jews, white and black people that were in those living rooms were trapped, I thought like in the holocaust, they are going to kill them. I woke up hearing ” season of time one year ” año estacion the tiempo.

I saw scrolls and books and a thick black hand and thick trying to enter opening a gate., I rebuked and back out.

Please fast and pray