Wash your feet and do acts of service.

The darkness is intense, I have been seen many dragons bridging the walls and establishing a kingdom, I thought this was Jerusalem, but also saw the cross under atack being removed, lifted up by Christians, and again arrows flying against it, and another intent in throwing it down again , I saw a Dragon huge being establish in a kingdom and their walls full of dragons. I saw after it was established angels removing very few people from that city or kingdom and then at 2:00 AM I saw some demons that look like people walking outside houses in USA, and again this morning surraundig homes. The Lord gave me the book of Zephaniah , deep darkness the this morning the enemy entering and bridging. And singing in my Head Adonai machasenu hu go aleinu , Yeshua Meshihainu bit chu bo , the Lord is my shelter and redimer, Jesus Messiah trust in him. The war is on and no more little battles

also I saw yesterday night shaking on the land ( the kingdom with walls) and an people getting outside the walls, and the ground open and separated the kingdom with a few people outside, then I saw people with some light bridging the castle walls. , now I sow some Angels coming down. ”

The Lord also showed me that serving each other, helping and doing acts of lovingkindness by service, cleanse you of darkness and selfishness ( antichrist spirit ) you can be very good, and pray all day, but if you don’t serve you don’t love, if you don’t love you are like an empty shell.

God is good and merciful,

The serving others is the washing the feet of the apostols. Wow I finally understand.