The enemy releasing the devourer..

A few days ago I saw the enemy releasing the devoured, look like a all black caterpillar, huge.

Then I saw this cylinder like a lownmower (manual one) going over crowds of people.

That is the plan of the enemy, that does not means God is not moving or won’t do anything about it, but we have to repent of our ways, ask for forgiveness, change our ways and apathy and seek his face.

He will send his Spirit and his Angels to help if we do the right thing in his eyes, follow his commandments and read his word, if we pray then he will answer.

When was the last time you talk to God?

Do you even know there is an All Mighty God?

We are at a pivotal moment in our lives , the Lord Jesus is coming back, gross darkness ( spiritually speaking ) is in this earth, all around, people are getting bolder and not in a good way.

The injustice in this world is not because of racial differences, is because we do not know the difference between right or wrong, righteous and inmoral. We live in a world that is blind, deaf and more stubburn than ever before. Wanting to have things go our ways and destroying property, bulling, hurting people by violently atack the authority ( police ) ,That is not justice . Is like a disobedient child having the worst tantrum ever.

I am not saying that the cop that hurt the young African American man does not deserve to be locked up. , but not every cop is evil. Neither gives anyone the right to bully the police.

That does not heal the mother and family of that young man.

Acts of irrationality and violence in the name of peace is not peace, is motivated by heatred and evil.

Peace is accomplish by acts of loving kindness, by respect, by letting the authorities know that we are standing behind that family ( I don’t watch much TV, so I don’t want to miss spell his name I be lived his name is George, and his family deserves prayer, help, kindness, support and see that policeman be arrested ) but destroying our founders monuments, desecrating our heritage is shameful.

God won’t intervene until we sincerely change our attitudes and repent.

This is the kind of things that happens when we do not know there is a savior, a redimer, a God of mercy, who will repay acording to our actions, in his eyes no one is above the law. And he is the law,the judge of the universe.

Think about it, if you are angry, confuse, upset, heartbroken. Going and hurting others . is not the answer, that may help you get rid of anxiety for 1 hour, but God is the only one who takes the pain away, the only one who heals your wounds, emotionally, physicly, spiritually.

If you really want to know if there is a living God, if he really exist I invite you to close your room, close your eyes and ask him are you the living God? Are you real, are you our messiah, is your name Jesus ? Please come and reveal yourself to me ! And wait quietly, not thinking . it may happen right there it may happens the next month.

But I guaranty you if you do this with a pure heart , if you really want to experience peace in your life like never before, ask this questions to the Living God, to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

May this help you have a touch of heaven, and the beguining of a real relationship with God.