I saw the Angels of the Lord delivering people

I saw the Angels of the Lord delivering people.

I woman’s foot, they removed her right shoe, cleanse her feet, put on sandals and broke ties or cords from her feet. There are tiny Angels and huge ones.

I seen very tiny Angels been put on pouches or entering pickets where other angels carry them. Or entering a pocket on a person’s pants or shirt.

I saw the Angels coming down with a bath of rays of light that was coming over a multitude, this people were in darkness, O saw some of this people having all kinds of demonic spirits, serpents, wolves, painters, cheetas, some stay in deeper darkness, some recibed the light and delivarence.

O Mighty God finish what you started in us, mercy may we recognizedvyou Mighty God the day of our visitation, and follow you, deliver the youth in America and the Nations. Thank you Lord that you reign forever. I pray that you delivarence and glory fall on the 7 mountains of influence in this Nation, not just to denounce corruption, but to bring justice and righteousness and peace and unity in you o Lord.