June 29th 2020 Rapture, rise of antichrist

The Holy Spirit took me to see Angels fill with fire, like fire swirling around them.

Then I saw from a church building cars, a van coming out of the building ( charriots ), there were demons that spears like angels, but were not., and the people in the street panic and fear, didn’t have a place to run and hide.

Then I saw a person as large as a building ( modern building ) he had light . Then from a sewer in a street real angels came out to help .

I saw a whirlwind forming around something.

Then many angels pulling down on a rope.

I saw the spirit of antichrist ( a huge serpent) rapping herself around buildings in a big city. ( The biggest pyton I ever seen )

I saw Angels picking people up hiding them under their wings ( rapture ) only some people, most people stayed.

I see light from above and angels shining down making a path of light in a very dark spiritual environment.

I see a men on horses, a man sitting on a throne being lifted up by the men riding horses., I see many people carring or pushing this throne with a man in it as if it had wheels, ( antichrist or false prophet ) so many bowing down to this idol, kneeling on the street , great darkness all around ( the darkness is spiritual ) people running away when his feet that were fix when he was sitted come out.

I saw the Holy spirit coming down on waves .

I see the Lord Jesus in the clouds hugging people, like greeting his best friends.

I saw an Angel in a tunnel or spiritual portal or staircase , I see the King coming down .

I see a large snake moving, then it becomes like a bicycle chain.

I see a woman on the clouds.

I see people in a car , the car becomes a wooden boat , going down from heaven like in a rollercoaster. I see angels in front of where I am traveling down ( apparently I was high in the air with the Holy Spirit ) . now a see angels in a circle .

Back on Earth I see the snake cooling, moving in circles.

The Holy Spirit and I are flying over groups of angels, some only 3 others 9 different amounts of angels gatherings.,now I see a Mighty lion roaring and fighting . Wow that was amazing. Our God is Mighty!