July 2nd the defeat of antichrist, the great pretender.and the Mighty Angels of God

The Holy Spirit shoes me a huge group of people , is hard to pass, big building made of brick like a church or palace, I see deep darkness all around.

Now I see the eye of the Lordfrom the side, I am zoomed out, and see rays of light that come out of his eyes. I see angels in the cities walking in cities.

I see a statue or monument of a king on a throne ( antichrist image ).

I see a multitude of people gathering to see someone. There is a circular plaza and. Everything looks like is moving in circles waving, swirling.

I see a huge number of angels entering the city Jerusalem, many in white robes transfigure people full of light like angels with the angels . Mighty army walking in unison, I see Rabbis too with their tzitzi and prayer mantels covering their heads coming down into a swirl staircase to the city.

This mighty army of the new man and angels pushing back darkness into a tunnel.

I see charriot in narrow stony streets of stone or paved streets with donkies and another with horses, one behind the other.

I see angels with swords, spears and armor coming down the stairs, even angels on horses some walking from the heavens to the earth , in Jerusalem, every place is fill with the angels armies and there is a staircase that comes from heaven for the King to enter, with angels on both sides, there is light like a road going down. Now I see the heavens open and 2 wood boats fill of saints ( saved fill of the spirit people that were in heaven ) and water like the ocean.

Now I see a charriot coming down and a path of light marking the way.

I never seen so many angels, and saints filling the place with light, then from the corner of a charriot right back corner, the angels open like a path, a charriot coning down from heaven, there a man like comes down and join and move through the streets and the sky above is like a swirling liquid ocean and I see the Holy Spirit coming in waves.

I see a dragon , the Holt Spirit pass through the dragon and removes his power, I see another charriot coming down .

I see stairs made of oak wood a few steps going up. I see a huge amount of demons and spirits as prisioners of angels. ( pig snouts, demon faces and a boiling pot.).

See people hugging each other. Now I see a book open and a big mallet.