The church blind and hearing the wrong voice…

I was woken last night by the Holy Spirit to see an attack of witchcraft and mouths with viper tongs cursing and mind controlling a large crowd of saints, some of them had full armor on, some no armor or shoes, some had some blood around them, but they were in a trance hearing the wrong voices. So I prayed and did warefare and went to the courts of heaven, until I felt peace. I know Our God silence the voice of the enemy, broke the courses, and deliver the captives, I also prayed that the Lord led captivity captive ( it means the principalities, demons, powers, dominos, and spirits of pride and wickedness are taken captive by His Holy Angels ).

I thank the Lord today for his delivarence , for his mighty power and mercy, I ask fill those, o Lord, that you had set free , with your Holy Spirit and wisdom and discernment.

Open the eyes of the blind, circumcised their hearts, clean us o Lord that we only hear your voice in Jesus name. That your bride be ready and found without spot or wrinkle. Amen