I saw another …

I saw yesterday another atack from the enemy a ball of black darknes coming down.

This morning the Lord showed me something in the air then people breath it in. Praying for mercy and delivarence.

In Dicember, then in February I new there were two plagues, hope with all my heart I am miss interpreting something, but I know God does not lie. May his mercy and lovingkindness preserve us.

I was shown dragons flying around the sky, in all the Nations.

I have seen them outside my house.

I saw the hand of the Lord with a ball of light in his hand.

Then I started to see the darkness becoming less thick. Praise his Holy name, cry out for mercy, lift his name on praises, this is the time to sing praises to the King of Kings. , as I Praise him I see the light breaking through the darkness.

Alleluya! Allelic yah!