The Lord is coming soon, I saw the 2nd bowl pour down by an angel

O my people you are not aware how fast things are happening, I saw in a vision an Angel pouring out a bowl. This is the 2nd bowl I see, being turn over dump over the earth by an Angel, I was told in 2014 Hell is real, and I AM coming soon, again in 2017 I AM coming soon, ” There is no time “. ” The killing of innocent unborn children have to stop “. I know how spiritual dark is outside, it looks beautiful and sunny, but is not in the spirit, analized your heart, seek God, He is the only hope, our eternal salvation. Look at the signs earthquakes, pestilence, wars, read your bible, there are many, people havin encounters with Jesus, He is the Truth, the light and the way. Open your hearts, repent of your unbelive, of sin, He is life, salvation and love. Call on His name , He is good.