The Lord showed me the enemies plans for this Nation’goverment

I saw 2 stone columns supporting a roof, the left column was broken in half, then I saw a photon snake or very large one.

But the Lord establish the heavens and the earth, He is establish from old, He alone is God, El shaddai, el Eyon, El Kanah, Elohim, Yehova Sabaoth, Adonai, Yeshua, Ruack Chain Mayim. Those are just some of his names, He is God Almighty, and his kingdom is coming even now on Earth as is in Heaven, the Righteousness and justice of God are been establish in this Nation right now, His goodness and lovingkindnes and tender mercies are forever, for the most High shall not be moved, He sourraunds this Nation and his people as the mountains surround Jerusalem. His elect, his anointed will not be moved, He sits the Kings in the throne and only him will remove them. And even as the earth shakes, His kingdom in unshakable, His will, will be done on Earth as is in heaven. God is a pilar of fire and the cloud of smoke that walked with the Hebrew Nation, and He walks with us, in us, through us, and He alone is God. America will live and not die, America will be establish in righteousness and truth, America will be above and not beneath. Straighten our paths o Lord , in justice , in your goodness let us be establish, show us your ways, lead us with you eye, release your angels to break and utterly destroy the plans of the enemy for this your Nation America, and establish your Shalom and righteousness in our Goverment, in the 7 mountains of influence, in the people’s hearts, we decree shalom, peace, , no blessing will be hold back, behold, there will be no injustice, no hatred, there is tranquility, justice,divine health, all needs met, in the Shalom of God there is no injustice, disorder, violence , strife, poverty, sickness, immorality, no anarchy. We prophesy Shalom , shalom, shalom over America.

Shalom. And your Delivarence over every person in this Nation. amen