Jeremiah 32:36 to 33:9

My prayer for this day Heavenly father , is that you cause our captivity to return, that in your great mercy will cleans us from sin and transgression, and pardon all our inquities, that we will be a name of joy, praise and honor before all the Nations of the world, that your reverencial fear fall upon the Nations when they see the goodness and Shalom that you are making in this Nation.

( shalom : peace, where there is no war, hunger, strife, sickness, injustice, physical and mental abuse, where there is no lack of blessing, food, clothing, housing, this is what the purposeful I AM makes. )

I decree and declare the Shalom of the Lord for our Nation America, his shalom in Goverment, in business, in families, in education, in entertainment, his shalom in media and in religion too. The salvation, peace and glory of God over our families, cities, states and Nations. In Jesus Mighty Name.