My testimony, part two

When my mother was 25 weeks pregnant ( 5 months 3 weeks) She started to have a miscarriage, and she was cleaning the carpet in the stairs, and started to bleed, the placenta got between the exit and me, my father and a neighbor raped my mother in a blanket put her in the car took her to the red cross, they touch my mother wrist and said she is dead, take her away, my father took her to the next hospital, they thought she was dead, for she had lost so much blood , her heart was almost stop. They got her in, and open her to save me.

No anesthesia, her heart was very faint, they realized she was alive,

They took me out put me on a incubator, oxygen blood transfusions, the works, for 3 months until I weighed 3 pounds, they send me home. My mother said I was not fully form.

That right there was the hand of God that save me, and my mother, I am almost 53 years old, healthy, Smart, whole. And all by God’s grace.

My mother said I was so small she took a shoe box ( size 3 ) ( my mom was tiny ) and pared the box and made it my crib. My father said He used to put me in the palm of his hand and carried me.

My mother had to feed me a teaspoon of liquid each 15 minutes, day and night until I was able to take a mini 🍼 bottle ( they were glass for dolls) I play with them for my dolls when I was a little kid.

There is no imposible to God.

When I was 14 I was told I had cysts and something call PCOS and was never going to have children.

I always wanted to be a mother, I remember playing with my dolls and carried them everywhere, never allowed anyone to touch them, I was obsessed with them, I kept saying I am going to be a mom when I grow up. , I remember jumping on my sister and hitting her because she took my doll and put her in the bathtub while she had a bath, while I was napping, my mother had to jank me away to stop beating my sister, I was probably 4 or 5 years old.( I am not proud of that ).

Well I got married at 26 and 1 year after being married I got on my knees and prayed with all my heart Lord grant me a baby boy, I pour out my heart out and thank him for my child, the next try to got pregnant, I did started to have bleeding at 12 weeks, and cry to God, don’t let me loose him, He didn’t, I got a healthy, perfect son , is perfect in my eyes, like most mothers, I bless the Lord for his life every day.

1 year and a few months later I prayed again, and I got pregnant again. , I know it does not seems fair, but God granted me another baby boy, healthy and perfect, and still is perfect in my heart.

When I was about 20 ish I was going to kill myself, so I cry out to God, had planed to take my baby sisters to school, call a friend of my stepmother to pick them up, and go and drive my car into a cliff.

That night sleeping with one of my sister’s the Lord Jesus appeared to me, The room was filled with light, I couldn’t moved neither my sister, my eyes open very little. The light was so bright it was blinding, and I saw a flame that cover 1/2 of the body of the Lord the other half was pure light, He raise his hand and shoot 2 rays of light on me, like being electrocuted, then he disapeared.

I jumped out of bed, as soon as I was able to moved, and thought the carpet was going to be scorch, nothing, I am telling you half the room was on fire, about 5 feet tall flames, nothing. My sister moved and asked me ( she was about 11 years old, what was that light, I couldn’t moved, did you felt the energy all around us?.

Wow the depresion was utterly gone.

I kept having dreams where the Lord would speak to me, and visions about 45 ish my soul cry out for that presence of God, he has warn me of my children being in danger so I prayed for protection, once when they were in college, the Lord warn me about a bear trying to destroy 2 plants I had in my garden, twice I dream it, and I fervently prayed, that week my kids stayed home ( each one in their apartaments ) instead of going to the gym where they met every day, and a man with a machete got in to try to kill people, fortunately didn’t kill anyone, but was kill by the police for refusing to put the machete down. ( machetes are extremely dangerous, and unpredictable, which does not aloud a police officer to get closed enough ) they did the best they could to save others lives.

God’s Holy Spirit started to showed up in my closet as I seek him and praised him, as I read his word.

Am so greatfull for my heavenly father, for Jesus my salvation and for the Holy Spirit, he has send Angels to protect me, a,d my family, other times I seen the Lord Jesus himself come and touch a love one and deliver them of spirits, sickness etc., he has heal me.

I Am forever thank full to the living God , that I serve and love.

Seek his face, draw near to him and He will draw near to you. He is my everything. I will praise his Holy name for as long as I have breath.

May God bless you, I by any means been perfect or better than any of you, but I know if He rescued me , he will rescue you and cleanse you and make you while, for He is good and faithfull.