I have seen

I have seen a multitude of darkness, evil spirits in people raising them to do riats, but I saw yesterday Angels protecting people in a city where the heavy darkness ( that make people violent and unruly ) . I saw the Holy Spirit arrest and removed lots of evil spirits.

I walk up to see many Giagants on the land, so I decree like David you uncircumcised philstines, you come with lances and weapons against me, But I come in the name of The All Mighty God , the God of Armies’ angles an the God of Israel and America, and I will strike you and cut your heads for the all Mighty God has given me you necks, with a sling and the Corner Stone I strike the mark and Kill you in Jesus name. I proclaime the Shalom ( peace ) of the Lord over America, our land, in Jesus name, Holy Spirit heal the wounds of the people, send arrows of delivarence over the people, the cities, the Nation, unity over the people no matter their color, believe, gender, size, age, to be one Nation Under God with liberty and unity for all. , I proclame Shalom, Unity, live and righteousness.

To commit acts of violence to avenge one wring doing is not justice, brings division, heatred, and unrighteousnes to a already hurting society, that is never the solution, and to do it in the name of peace, justice or love is shameful.

Do what is right, violence is not right, pray, help people, support the parents of the victims, be proactive in love, not selfish agendas .

I am very sorry to all, who have been hurt, by killings, where’s is a man woman , or citizen, police, we can not continue to act like animals, and stop blaming the president for everything, is getting old and ridiculous. If you expect God to intervene, pray, but if you still acting like brats, God is just going to keep sending bad things to all. No reason to make good people pay for all those who cause trouble.

May God deliver you at all darkness in your minds, hearts, souls, and give you his peace, love, faith and a sound mind.