Sons of perdition

The Holy Spirit showed me a huge hand and a dragon on it then I saw the dragon small size, bitting ( anointing ) a man’s head also another demon that change shape, like animals, monkey one of them .

Then they left the man and went back to the hand and again to a different man the same thing.

I saw a gigant on one side and on the other side a horse with a knight, then 2csmall angels and they defeated the gigant, they threw him down.

Later I heard Hatabanu and look in the web the meaning Hata: sin, those who go astray, and Banu : plural of son

Sons of perdition is Satan and every fallen angel and dark spirits, even humans that utterly renounce God to follow Satan, they will experience 2nd death because can not be redime.

The darkness and warfare is very heavy since last night.

May the Eternal One have compassion and mercy, may he relesechis Mighty Angels and help push darkness away

I saw great darkness and a big hand picking up a group of people from a droid, then in another area hey or some sort of grain rolls coming out of a field, the darkness was greater all around.