I saw a bowl on high

I saw a bowl on high and the liquid pour out, then a dark angel came in. I also saw a white angel with white robes being swallowed by a dragon like monster.

I see 2 wheels like spools rolling one white one darker going on a road between 2 mountains

I see rolls spinning , being part of a bigger wheel now O see 2 wheels like the side of a carriage or couch cart.

I see something white standing in the gap of 2 mountains that were getting closer , pushing them away and open a road.

I see a cart with horses been pass on thecrighr side by a bigger cart.

I see someone in white standing on a cloud on top of a tractor and going down, the tractorvis moving forward, I can see the rear tire.

Ow in a carriage with 2 horses trying ti go farther , we are trying to,pass a truck with jet rocket on the back

I see a woman with very revealing clothes on a train, making out with a demon , now I see we are going in a tunnel gaining speed, and we are pushed backward then we move forward we see a gargoyle like demon trying to stop us.,

I see a large angel pushing something inside a dragon’s mouth