I saw a dragon shout out of his mouth a

I saw a πŸ‰ dragon shooting of his mouth and this charriot and box came out, I saw angels of God stopping it, covering the box with a sheet of light released by angels, and stop it. I saw a snake anointed a man spirit cobra bit a man on a bed, I saw the spirit of that man left . I saw a king sitted on a throne.

I saw two blooms one dark one light, the light block kept I,freezing, the black diminishing.

I saw a person running in the night, but there was a light shining above it to show the way.,

See a woman a dragon beneath and something that look like an Angel, but was not., standing one on top of the other and being worshiped.

I see light coming down and shrinking darkness.

I proclaim King Jesus is establish, he is victorious, the gates if he’ll will not prevail against us.