I saw a carriage coming out I saw a black carriage coming out of a palace black gates.

I saw an Angel climbing down a big building like a colonial house or building and shooting with a cannon light to the building and a snake that was at the base was removed by the light, I see an Angel of God on a mighty horse in army attire with a lance , I decree the arrow of delicarence of the Lord strikes the marks.

Now I saw a hand holding a cooling snake,

I see open heavens, the opening was being stretch, like spanding the door, letting the light in, let the gates be open so the king of Glory come in.

We slam shoot every demonic gate, in Jesus name,we quench the first dark of the enemy, in Jesus name we declare the virus and atacks of the enemy died, we shut the doors of the enemy in Jesus name, we Relese the angels of God, to clean, purify, every place in this nation, every heart, every institution and aling them with the perfect will of God.

I saw darkness been push out a hole and the door shoot.