I saw a new weapon made by the enemy..

I saw what look like an Angel going into a tunnel, the Holy Spirit stop and made me watch, was not an Angel, but a demon that look like an Angel, the global moved like a sneak, and it had a dragon like face at the end. Then I saw a hand holding a ball, and this eye putting light on it ( more like darkness on it ) it made the ball thicker , then I saw a charriot with rockets and this canon balls put on it as it move forward the ball will unravel and cover the atmosphere with his fine dust and when it touch a person would make that person evil. I saw how that was moving forward and gaining speed, I began to sob and cry out, call on God and his Angels, please showed me your plans Lord, he showed me a group of angels with nets slowing down the balls , was a heavy job, but slow it down, some angels would spin like a whirlwind and shoot light to the dust trail it was leaving to change the curse into good, then they pour light on the balls and change what was in it for light.

Then I realized there were many of this balls falling everywhere toward the 🌎 Earth, God is good.

At night the Lord showed me feel spirits running rampant over the cities, I prayed and prayed for that to stop, I decree the Shalom of the Lord, Unity, peace, loving kindness, truth and silence to slanderous and inflamative voices, in Jesus name. I release and proclame the peace of God, his righteousness, kindness and love over our cities in this Nation and the nations of the world. Proteccion for the needy, the police, our president and vice president, proteccion over the entire population in Colorado and every 50 states in USA, delivarence from evil spirits, I bind every principality , power, dominion, and proudfull spirits in this ,action in Jesus Mighty Name, we proclaim Delivarence to the captive, peace, blessing in our states and comand every spirit of fear. Violence, slander, covetusness to be bound and cast out, and shakle to go into the pit, in Jesus name, Every word I speak is syanlish in Heaven and earth in Yeshua’s name ( Jesus ).