As in the days of Noah

I saw the Lord Jesus pour his light over my home, cover it with a banner with a rainbow, like in the days of Noah , I saw the water is rising, please have in your house 1 sac of rice, beans, pasta and grains and some water and white candles and blankets, this is to be prepared, when we come out of the ark, as noah ( he was in the ark 1 year ) he came out to a different world, keep looking forward, do not look back that you don’t become a pilar of salt, don’t complain that you don’t get struck with a plague, keep your eyes on Jesus, so you don’t beguin to sink like Peter, and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

I just saw skeletons throwing a bomb of something evil inside a gate. , praying against it.

Holy Spirit rebuild our gates and walls, in Jesus name .